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Why Koinos?

We are Michael and Shelly Wilson, the founders of Koinos. We recognized the need for quality extra-curricular programs for homeschoolers in the Fort Worth area and set out to do something about it! We're amazed at the wealth of opportunities available to homeschoolers in the area of academics. But, the following questions kept coming into our minds:

How can we get our kids more involved with other Christian homeschoolers?

Why are fine arts classes for homeschoolers so few and far between?

Why aren't more people doing athletics classes for homeschoolers?

Why do we have to keep enrolling our children in extra-curricular activities during the traditional "after school" hours, when daytime activities would work much better for our family's schedule?


How can my kids socialize and be involved in something positive and productive?

The bottom line is this: We believe that no one can understand the life of a Christian homeschool family better than another Christian homeschool family! Although there are many programs available for homeschooled students now, we feel that Koinos has the solid foundation that your student needs to succeed! We are well respected in the homeschooling community and have continued growing year by year. Come see what makes Koinos so special! 


We hope Koinos is a tremendous blessing to you. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Contact us for more info:

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