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Intermediate/Advanced Gymnastics



11:00 - Intermediate/Advanced - instructor approval only, experienced students - all ages

We are pleased to offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level gymnastics classes for our students. We have many students who have advanced to the higher class, as well as new students who need a class at this level. The advanced class is by invitation or approval only, and each student will need to demonstrate proficiency in the required skills before approved. The skills the students will be working on are "Level 4" skills and above. Please email us if you need details about which skills are required on each apparatus. 

The goal of these classes are two-fold: 1) to prepare students who are interested in pursuing competitive gymnastics in the future, and 2) to increase skills in those students who love gymnastics but are not interested in competing. 

Our gymnastics teacher is a homeschool graduate (and our oldest daughter!) She has expanded our family by marrying a wonderful guy and in January of 2017 and bringing two beautiful granddaughters into the family. Alyssa was involved in competitive gymnastics for many years and also has many years of teaching experience. She brings a high level of fun and energy to her classes, and is always a hit with the students! 

Tuition is $50.00 per month for the first hourly class (discounted rate for your 2nd and subsequent classes). No supply fees. Students should wear gymnastics clothing or shorts and t-shirts that can be tucked in. Students will be barefoot during class.

Coordinator/Head Instructor: Alyssa Grady 


For information or to register, please see "Registration" page.

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