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12:00 - Middle/High School Theater (grades 6-12)

In our theater classes, students will work on stage presence, character acting, improvisation, and stage technique. These classes will focus on the basics of acting for the stage and how to develop a character, as well has how to audition for theater. This class is open to all skill levels. Students will be required to memorize lines and must be willing to perform during the end-of-year performance. Younger students in the elementary class might need help from a parent with memorizing lines! 

This class will be performing various scenes from popular Broadway shows. These scenes will be scattered throughout the end-of-year performance and will add excitement to our program! 

Students will need:  a folder in which to keep class materials, a pencil, and a highlighter.

Tuition is $50.00 per month for the first hourly class (discounted rate for your 2nd and subsequent classes).

Theater Instructor:  Macye Armstrong

For information or to register, please see "Registration" page.

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