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1:00 - Beginning - no/limited experience - ages 9 and up

We are pleased to offer Guitar again this year! Beginning students will learn the introductory basics of guitar, including notes, chords, string changing, etc. 

Students will perform several simple songs at our Performance Showcase in May. Space is very limited, and our guitar classes tend to fill up quickly. 

Tuition is $50.00 per month for the first hourly class (discounted rate for your 2nd and subsequent classes). There is no supply fee. However, students will be responsible for bringing the following items to class each week: A regular acoustic or electric guitar (not a "toy" guitar), replacement strings as needed, guitar picks as needed, a capo (won't need for the first few weeks) and an amp, if an electric guitar is being used.  


For information or to register, please see "Registration" page.


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