Our classes focus on fine arts, athletics, and recreation.  Classes are held at a central location in the north Fort Worth area.  All instructors are not only experienced, but passionate about what they teach. 

For detailed information on all our classes, visit the three sub-pages listed under the "Classes" tab.

*Fall classes will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd*

CLASSES OFFERED for 2013/2014:

10:00 ~ Beginning Gymnastics ~ ages 3-8
10:00 ~ Intermediate/Advanced Karate (all ages)
10:00 ~ Explorations of Dance ~ ages 10 and up

11:00 ~ Beginning Gymnastics ~ ages 9 and up
11:00 ~ Beginning Karate ~ ages 6 and up
11:00 ~ Explorations of Dance ~ ages 5 to 9

12:00 ~ Elementary Cheer ~ ages 5 to 12
12:00 ~ Beginning Guitar ~ ages 9 and up
12:00 ~ Int/Adv Gymnastics (invite only)

** TENNIS! We offer a full tennis program on various days of the week, in a different location.  Please see the "TENNIS" page for information about our tennis program.


All classes, with the exception of Tennis, are held at World of Gymnastics Training Center in Fort Worth, on Tuesdays only. The physical address of the gym is 4117 Clay Ave., Fort Worth, TX  76117.  It shows up great on all GPS and mapping programs, as long as you enter the correct zip code.