Established in 2007, we are Koinos Homeschoolers! Located in the north Fort Worth area, Koinos is a group committed to excellence in extra-curricular activities with an uncompromisingly Christian focus. It's a chance for your home-educated children to belong to something ~ to be involved in something bigger than themselves! It's a place where you'll be involved with like-minded people ... doing like-minded things. It's about community!
 Why Koinos?
KOINOS ~ Greek word meaning "shared by all
or several ...
in common"

Acts 2:44 ~ All the believers were together and had everything
in common...
It's a homeschool thing!
All classes, with the exception of tennis, are held at World of Gymnastics Training Center in Fort Worth, on Tuesdays only. The physical address of the gym is 4117 Clay Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76117.

Location shows up great on all GPS and mapping programs, as long as you enter the correct zip code.
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